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Mike Crain

Weight Class: 100
Grade: 8th
Takedowns: 9
Reversals: 4
Escapes: 1
Pins: 6
Combined Time of Pins: 7:06
Major Decisions: 1
Team Points Scored: 55

A returning starter from last year's team (82 pound weight class), Mike captured the best record on the team finishing with a perfect season of 10-0. In addition to his flawless record, Mike also lead the team in pins (6) and most team points (55). Perhaps Mike's greatest accomplishment was going through nine duel meets without allowing a single point by opponent, a streak which ended in the last match of the season when he allowed a takedown in the first period before ultimately pinning his opposition in 30 seconds. Mike will be moving on to the high school next year where we hope to see him as part of the Smyrna High School wrestling team.